Airplane deposit repaid to Air Serbia


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Etihad Airways has decided to cancel the purchase of Airbus A320 Neo planes, and deposit paid by JAT Airways to Airbus in 1998 has been repaid to Air Serbia, the B92 portal received confirmation from Air Serbia.

As part of the current restructuring of the Etihad Group, Etihad Airways has decided to cancel the purchase of a certain number of Airbus A320 Neo planes.

Deposit that former JAT Airways paid to the company Airbus has been returned and this is done only thanks to strategic partnership with Etihad Airways, the national flag carrier stated with

The company Air Serbia also announced that long-term development of the fleet remains a part of strategic negotiations of the two partners.

“One of the strongest competitions is in the air industry and it keeps growing constantly. With the changes in demand, aggressive competition and the unstable fuel price, as airlines’ largest fixed expenditure, all serious airlines are carefully planning long-term development of their fleets. Those are main reasons why Etihad Airways has decided to cancel the procurement of the above mentioned 10 planes,” that company has announced with B92.

Source: B92

Photo: Promo