Airports ‘going crazy’ for the state authority



After Kraljevo and Cacak, another city in Serbia is interested in state helping them around the airport.

“We deeply believe this government and the president Aleksandar Vucic that they are the only ones who can put the airport in full function. They have proved this by the fact that the airport ‘Nikola Tesla’ has been the fastest developing airport in this part of Europe in the last few years, ” said mayor of Uzice, Tihomir Petkovic.

To recall, the mayor of Cacak, Milun Todorovic, sent an open letter to the president, prime ministers and line ministers asking them to help transform the military airport “Morava” in Ladjevci, into a mixed airport.

Additionally, mayor of Kraljevo, Predrag Terzic, invited the majority of representatives of the authorities to help the city finally finish the “Morava” airport in Ladjevci.

At the same time, the villagers of Nis are protesting against the intention of the city to hand over the airport “Constantine the Great” to the republican authorities.

Source: N1