All eggs will be numbered and belong to the A category


Photo: Pixabay

The Ministry of Agriculture has adopted new rules for the production and marketing of eggs, which include more stringent marking and classification of eggs, as well as new conditions concerning the size, appearance, packaging and manner of breeding and feeding the hens.

The eggs were so far divided into seven categories – SS, S, A, B, C, D and E. SS eggs were the largest with 70 grams and E eggs were the smallest with 45 grams. The new Rulebook, which enters into force on February 14, has a completely different classification.

The new Rulebook on the production and marketing of eggs makes division of eggs into A and B categories, but only the A category will be available on the market, says Tamara Boskovic from the Veterinary Directorate.

“The A category means that the eggs are fresh and only the A category eggs will be available on the market. Furthermore, there will also be eggs of exceptional freshness – up to 10 days old from laying. There will also be extra fresh eggs – up to four days after laying,” Boskovic said.

Source: RTS

Photo: Pixabay