Beer market in Serbia records a 5.2% recovery


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According to latest analysis of the economic influence of beer sector, this industry records a slight recovery of 5.2% cumulatively in the period between 2015 and 2016, and slight growth is recorded in 2017 as well. Brewing industry is part of a manufacturing production that participated in establishment of Serbia’s GDP with 15.6%. Breweries in Serbia spent 89% of procurements or EUR119 million in Serbia in order to produce beer. The most important agricultural beer ingredient, malted barley, is procured in Serbia in the amount of 98%, and hop appears in local procurements for the first time as well, amounting to 2% of total procurements in 2015 and 9% in 2016, which represents an incentive for development of Serbian agriculture.

Total employment, including production in brewing industry, amounts to 16.500 jobs, and in production and distribution chain each employee creates 8.51 new jobs. Members of the Serbian Brewers Association contributed to budget of the Republic of Serbia with EUR226 million, via excises and taxes, social welfare and contributions. Approximately 1.3 million hectoliters of Serbian beer were exported in countries of the region and the EU in 2016, in total value of EUR41.58 million, which represents an increase by 4.54% when compared to 2008.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Promo