Belgrade receives AID from the state budget again


Photo: BIZLife

The Serbian government has decided to allocate RSD 16.5 million from the current budget reserve to the city of Belgrade, i.e. about EUR 140,000, due to reduced budget revenues of Belgrade, the portal reports. The decision to allocate funds was adopted on 31 October, just two months after the allocation of 1.8 million to the city of Belgrade from the budget reserves. The adopted document states that the transfer to the city of Belgrade is approved “for the fulfilment of obligations, due to the reduced volume of city revenue,” reports. At a government session on 29 August, two transfers of RSD 100 million and RSD 120 million respectively were approved for the city of Belgrade, and the reasons for the approval were identical. The Fiscal Council stated in its 2018 report that the Government had allocated a total of EUR 100 million from the budget reserve for individual local budgets in the last three years.

Source: N1, agencije

Photo: BIZLife

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