Benefits for the companies that use Cyrillic alphabet


Photo: Pixabay

City authorities in Belgrade have announced benefits for the companies that advertise their names in Cyrillic alphabet. The companies that lease the city’s premises will have five percent discount on all the fees if they advertise the name of their company in Cyrillic, reports RTS.

“That is how we wanted to encourage other authorities and other local self-governments to help preserve the Cyrillic alphabet,” says Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic.

From Slavija to Knez Mihailova Street, the names of more than 95 percent of the shops are in the Latin alphabet, and new benefits will also apply to both foreign and domestic owners.

“When you talk to foreigners and say that you want the Cyrillic alphabet, that you want to preserve your alphabet, they understand it, because they preserve their alphabet and culture and there are no problems. There are more problems with our people who do not understand and think that we should forget about the Cyrillic alphabet,” Vesic points out.

According to the data of the Business Registers Agency, there are 127,604 companies registered in Serbia and 234,269 entrepreneurial shops, and the number of those whose names are in the Cyrillic alphabet is negligible – only about 5% of the companies and slightly more than one percent of entrepreneurial shops.

Source: RTS

Photo: Pixabay