Copying scenario from the Montenegrins: Trade unions want NON-WORKING Sunday


Photo: Pixabay

The United Trade Unions of Serbia “Sloga” have called for a work ban in large shopping centres and shopping malls in Serbia on Sunday. The reason for this, as Trade Union stipulated in a statement, is that the position of workers and family preservation is worse than it was ever before, and work on Sundays has become a misused rule. Trade Union stated that state should legislate work hours similar to those in Greece, which would end on Sunday afternoon and last until Monday morning, the first workday of the week. Any further advocacy or imposition of work on Sundays as an obligation will only continue to further undermine the employees’ rights and cause excessive borrowing, by promoting shopaholic values, especially among the younger generates, “Sloga” evaluated.

Source: Agencije

Photo: Pixabay

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