Domestic company bought part of Leskovac based “Nevena”


Photo: YouTube

According to report of the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency, portion of assets of former Leskovac based cosmetics plant “Nevena” was sold at the initial price of RSD108 million to Belgrade based company “Rim group.”

The new owner of a former giant in Leskovac purchased it for half of the estimated price, and according to data from the website, the price also includes more than 6,000 square metres of production facilities, 30 hectares of construction land, commercial space, licences, trademarks and equipment.

Sale of part of the assets of the bankruptcy debtor was held on March 21st, under organization of the Bankruptcy Centre, via method of public bidding, the report says.

Otherwise, plant and other facilities located at Djordja Stamenkovica Street, as well as civil engineering constructions at Marsal Tolbuhin Boulevard in Novi Beograd were offered at the bidding.

As a reminder, part of “Nevena” was sold at the beginning of 2018 to Leskovac based company “W-Kargoles” for RSD63.7 million.

Source: Južne vesti

Photo: YouTube