Draskovic increasing activities in Serbia – here’s where he is building a luxurious complex


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President of the “Swisslion” business system, Rodoljub Draskovic has announced the construction of a Clinical-Hospital Centre in the Sun City near Trebinje, as well as new economic and tourist facilities that will significantly contribute to increasing citizens’ standard of living.

The goal is economic development with cooperation and integration of all economic entities, members of the newly founded Association of Businessmen of Herzegovina, whose president is Draskovic himself.

“So far I have conducted informal talks on this subject, presented the idea and vision, and soon the Association will define a letter of intent and send it to relevant addresses, in order to get involved in realization of this project,” Draskovic has said and Indikator.ba reports.

He adds that he is ready to secure 50 percent of total funds for the construction of the Clinical Centre, a state of the art institution of this type in the Balkans, adding that he works intensively on the project of constriction of the Wine City in Vrsac. It is a complex that will have luxury hotels, a museum, a wine cellar, etc.

“I own “Vrsacki vinogradi”, which has a tradition of over 400 years and is one of the oldest vineyards in Europe,” Draskovic adds, announcing numerous surprises and large investments in this project as well, “Trebinjelive” web portal reports.

Source: Indikator.ba/Trebinjelive

Photo: YT/screenshot