February’s average is 47.819 dinars


Photo: Pixabay

The average net salary per employee in Serbia amounted to 47,819 dinars in February 2018, and in reality, it increases by 4.4 percent on a yearly basis, however, it was nominally higher by six percent.

The average net salary for February 2018 was 404 euros, while for the same month of last year it was 364 euros, announced the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

The gross salary for February amounted to 66,084 dinars, which is a nominal increase of 5.6 percent in relation to the same month of 2017, and in real terms an increase of 4.0 percent.

Compared to January, average gross and net for February were nominally lower by 4.5, and in real terms by 4.8 percent.

Medial gross salary amounted to 51,702 dinars in the observed month, while the median net salary totaled 37,610 dinars.

Source: RTS, Tanjug

Photo: Pixabay