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Monthly inflation in Serbia in April was 0.4 percent, while annual was 1.1 percent, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia has announced today.

Compared with December 2017, consumer prices were higher by 1.2 percent in April.

April saw an increase in price of clothes and footwear (2.1 percent), food and nonalcoholic beverages (0.7 percent), transportation (0.6 percent), communication (0.3 percent), household furniture and monthly expenses for an apartment (0.2 percent).

Prices of alcoholic beverages as well as tobacco, fitness and culture decreased (by 0.1 percent each).

Foreign exchange reserves of the National Bank of Serbia reached EUR10.43 billion at the end of April, which is EUR194 million more than at the end of March, National Bank of Serbia has announced today.

That amount of foreign exchange reserves ensures coverage of M1 money volume of 189 percent and more than five months of import of goods and services and it is almost twice bigger than standard that determines an adequate level of goods and services import coverage by foreign exchange reserves.

Net amount of foreign exchange reserves (foreign exchange reserves decreased by banks’ foreign exchange assets based on mandatory reserves and other grounds) were around EUR8.63 billion at the end of April, which is EUR165 million more when compared to the month before.

An increase in foreign exchange reserves, as stated, is realized in an atmosphere of early repayment of state’s debts towards creditors of the London Club (outflow in the amount of EUR130.9 million) and net repayment based on foreign exchange securities emitted at domestic financial market (an outflow of EUR24.4 million).

The biggest contribution to the increase in foreign exchange reserves is from interventions by the National Bank of Serbia on domestic foreign exchange market (by purchasing EUR215 million).

Foreign exchange trade at the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market was EUR472.3 million in April and it decreased by EUR370.5 million than in previous month. In first four months of this year a total of EUR2.75 billion was realized at interbank exchange.

RSD nominally strengthened against EUR in April, by 0.2 percent, and National Bank of Serbia intervened at the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market by purchasing EUR205 million in order to mitigate excessive short-term exchange rate fluctuations.

Source: Agencije

Photo: Pixabay