Foreign trade increased, import is slightly “stronger”


Photo: Beta

According to final data of the Statistical Office of the Republic, Serbia’s overall foreign trade in the entire 2017 increased by 12.9 percent to EUR34.4 billion.

Export of goods amounted to EUR15 billion and it was 12.1 percent higher when compared to the year before, while import was worth EUR19.3 billion, which represents an increase of 13.6 percent.

Deficit reached EUR4.3 billion, recording an increase by 19.5 percent when compared to 2016.

A surplus of EUR1.8 billion was recorded in foreign trade with CEFTA countries. Export to member- countries of CEFTA reached EUR2.6 billion, import was EUR821.1 million and import coverage by export was 320.9 percent.

The largest surplus was registered with the countries of the region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, and we achieved surplus in commodity exchange with Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden and Moldova as well.

The largest trade deficit was recorded with China and Germany, followed by deficit with Russia, Turkey, Poland, Iraq, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, India, Greece and Ukraine.

Source: Beta, Agencije

Photo: Beta