“Forma Ideale” purchased “Metal sistemi” plant


Photo: Promo

Kragujevac based company “Forma Ideale” has purchased the plant “Metal sistemi”, which produced chains and processing equipment by the year 2015 and launching of bankruptcy proceedings. The plant was sold at an initial price of 4.7 million euros at the initial bidding, “Pressek” website reports.

“Forma Ideale” is one of the most famous furniture manufacturers in the country and it has purchased “Metal sistemi” as a legal entity. This means that it has purchased the entire enterprise, not just certain parts or equipment, which is the common sales practice for enterprises under receivership.

Although the company “Forma Ideale” was the only interested buyer, it did not wait for the second or third bidding, when prices are generally much lower, and in this case it is estimated they would be lower by up to a million euros

It is assumed that “Forma Ideale” will convert purchased facilities and office space at the location of the former plant “Filip Kljajic” and the one within “Zastava” into warehouses and showrooms.

Source: Pressek

Photo: Promo

Writes: T. K.