Greenhouses Bring Profits


Photo: Pixabay

The production of vegetables in Serbia is becoming a lucrative proffession, but also one that requires a lot of work and investment. It yields good profits because in Serbia, there are always buyers for quality vegetables.

Farmers say that one must be methodical in taking up this profession.

It’s best to take it up as a hobby until one learns all the skills crucial for a good vegetable nursery. A bad one, they say, can be sold only once, and gaining the customers’ trust is not at all easy.

Some 500 square meters of plants in greenhouses can provide a family of four with a decent living. The initial investment, however, is estimated at 10,000 euros at the least, and that only if one does most of the manual labour themselves.

It is necessary to invest in a double foil greenhouse, install heating, then equip it with plant containers, buy substrates and seeds, the price of which ranges from 500 to 12,000 dinars, and the money is gone.

Source: Blic

Photo: Pixabay