Halal certification popular among Serbs as well


Photo: Pixabay

In the past couple of years products with Halal certification are more and more popular in Serbia and they are often purchased by non-Muslim citizens. Trend of Halal and Kosher certification among non-Muslim and non-Jewish citizens is increasing on global scale, as that is one of the best ways “to know” what you are eating, the Vecernje novosti daily reports.

Criterion for obtaining the certificate is strict and with detailed testing, as those who award certificate will not “damage their reputation” easily. Samir Tandir, Director of Agency for Certification of Halal Quality has also confirmed how Halal industry is the fastest growing industry in the world and that Serbia has recognized its chance.

As he says, buyers recognize quality that Halal certification offers since, among other things, those products must not contain GMO. This standard has been gaining pace in our country as well in the past couple of years, due to global circumstances and consumers’ education about the quality of products, Tandir explains.

People are more and more picky and careful about the food that they eat. There are international surveys that show that two-thirds of buyers of Halal products are non-Muslims, since they find those products safe and of better quality as they have passed additional testing. Large number of people who are against GMO also buys food with Halal certificate. We have buyers who are not Muslims, in Serbia, in region and in other countries of Europe as well.

Source: Večernje novosti

Photo: Pixabay