He took over the AMG and became the owner of 41 media in Serbia


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By taking over the company “Adria Media Group” Igor Zezelj became the owner an association “Adria Media Magazines” as well, which is fully owned by this company. Both companies have a total of 41 media.

The Journalists’ Association of Serbia (UNS) has determined that “Adria Media Magazines” and “Adria Media Group” are publishers for a total of 28 media that are listed in the Media Registry.

Besides these media, there are 13 additional media owned by “Adria Media Group” that are not registered in the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA).

According to Media Registry, the association “Adria Media Magazines” is publisher of 11 magazines – “Men’s health”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Elle”, “Sensa”, Serbian edition of “National Geography”, “Lepa&Srecna”, “Lisa”, “Moja lepa basta”, “Summer Winter” and “Asfalt.”

“Adria Media Group” is publisher of 14 magazines – “Burda Style”, “Glossy”, “Doktor Kurir”, “Kurir”, “Espreso”, “Kurir stars”, “Najbolji domaci recepti”, “Mama”, “Narodni doktor”, “Narodni kuvar”, “Narodni lekar”, “Newsweek Srbija”, “Elle dekor” and “Kids”, as well as three portals – Esspreso.rs, Adriamedia.tv and Kurir.rs, which are registered in the SBRA.

According to website, besides these media the “Adria Media Group” is also the owner of “Lena”, “Financial Times” and “Cosmo Campus”, as well as portals Elle.rs, Yumama.com, Nationalgeographic.rs, Menshealth.rs, Cosmopolitan.rs, Lovesensa.rs, Stvarukusa.rs, Lepaisrecna.rs and Glossy.rs.

However, these media are not registered. It is stipulated in their legal notices that publisher of the Yumama.com and Glossy.rs is “Adria Media Group”, while “Adria Media Magazines” is publisher of the remaining media.

Source: Danas

Photo: Pixabay