How a Serbian startup automatically turned speech into text


Photo: Pixabay

The Daktilograf software, which automatically turns speech in South Slavic languages ​​into text in real time, was presented at the ICT Hub in Belgrade.

The software of the startup Daktilograf, which is at the stage of a functional prototype, showed at the demonstration that it can automatically transcribe speech in the Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin language variants.

Development Director of the startup Daktilograf, Mirsad Hadzalic, has stated that the main advantage of the program is that it does not rely on the vocabulary system, that is, it is not limited to the number of words that are recognized or to an individual language, but it rather observes words as sound signals, divides them, recognizes them and converts them into written text.

“Typing text requires time and money, and it represents a tedious job that takes us away from creative tasks. Our software will enable journalists to send transcripts of speeches in the field in real time,” said Hadzalic.

It is added that this software is intended primarily for the media, but it will also be used in courts, assemblies, other public administration bodies and all the other institutions or companies that have a daily need for text typing.

“We plan to develop additional applications, and we expect the final product version by the end of the year,” Hadzalic added.

The seat of Daktilograf will be in Belgrade, and the initial investments, according to Hadzalic, are expected soon, while pre-contracts on the use of the working version of the software have already been signed with Podgorica-based Vijesti and the Montenegrin Center for Professional Education.

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Photo: Pixabay