How economy took loans


Photo: Pixabay

Entrepreneurs and citizens took more loans in April thank in March, while enterprises took less loans, the Association of Serbian Banks has announced.

Entrepreneurs’ loans at the end of April were around RSD47.6 billion, which is a two-percent increase when compared to the month before, while citizens’ loans increased by 0.9 percent, to RSD890 billion.

Loans of enterprises were RSD1,344 billion and they decreased by 0.1 percent when compared to March.

Overall bank loans of economy, entrepreneurs and citizens were around RSD2,282 billion in April and they increased by 0.3 percent when compared to the month before.

As for loans taken by citizens, cash loans recorded an increase by 1.6 percent, consumer loans increased by 1.5 percent and refinancing loans increased by 1.4 percent. Agriculture loans recorded an increase by 1.6 percent.

At the end of April 8.9 percent of business loans, 8 percent of entrepreneurs’ loans and four percent of citizens’ loans were in overdue.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay