How Serbian surgeon defeated Swissair


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 A verdict that represents a true precedent has been made at the Higher Court in Belgrade – airline Swill International Air Lines has been sentenced for discrimination and unfounded flight ban against Bojan Mark Lens. He suffered numerous insults on both personal as well as ethical grounds on one of the flights.

As N1 TV stations reports, until yesterday Bojan Marko Lens was one of the most famous plastic surgeons, as well as experts in research and treatment of skin cancer, and now he is also a man who has defeated Swissair. He sued company back in 2015 because it disregarded his complains about insults and discrimination by the personal, and instead banned him from flying on two occasions.

“Problems practically started in March 2011, when cabin crew chief Mrs Mitro Advik called plaintiff “Serbian swine.” Representative of the company Dorit Rosenberg said back in October 2012 that she is familiar with his claim about the insult, and commented with what she considered a joke: “You do not look like a swine, but you are most certainly a Serb.” According to explanation of the verdict, during 2013 Dorit Rosenberg provided various insulting and discriminatory statements about Serbia and Serbs, such as “Serbs are lazy”, “Serbs are stupid”, “People from Serbia should not travel by airplanes at all”, etc.

This verdict, based on court’s decision, has been published in the “Politika” daily on 12 pages. Besides an indemnity of RSD500,000 and more than RSD200.000 for court expenses, Swissair also had to pay for 12 pages of an advertisement. Based on pricelist of the “Politika” daily, it had to spend close to RSD2.2 million for that, VAT excluded. This means that only one case of discrimination has cost this company close to RSD3 million so far, i.e. around EUR25,000.

Source: N1

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