If you want to earn millions, you should be located at Novi Beograd


Photo: Pixabay

By far the highest number of managers, directors and engineers who earn millions a year live in the municipality of Novi Beograd.

According to the Blic daily, the largest number of rich people are located there – as many as 4,496 of them whose total salary in 2017 amounted to whopping RSD 10.7 billion (10,678,611,456), taking into account only the legal minimum of income of RSD 2,375,136 per year, which citizens are obliged to report to the Tax Administration.

Although officials have not officially announced the individual net salaries of the richest registered citizens of Serbia, for the first hundred taxpayers, income ranges from RSD 40 to 340 million. Furthermore, according to the Tax Administration’s report, the most frequently reported professions are managers, directors and engineers.

It is also interesting to note that out of 100 taxpayers of the highest reported earnings, as many as 90% of them are male. The Tax Administration’s report states that 69 persons are domestic citizens and 31 are foreigners.

Namely, out of the total number of tax returns, 23,238 for determining the annual income tax, the highest number of tax returns was filed on the territory of Belgrade – 16,199, followed by Novi Sad, 4,341, Kragujevac with 1,423 tax returns and Nis with 1,265.

Source: Blic

Photo: Pixabay