In His Book, Miskovic Reminisces About Milka Forcan, Once One of the Most Powerful Women in Serbian Business


Miroslav Miskovic decided to speak publicly after almost 30 years. “Laguna” is set to publish his book I, Tycoon, which will soon hit bookstores. It’s an intriguing story about the owner of Delta Holding and his relationship with the most important people in Serbian business and politics. The weekly Nedeljnik has published excerpts from the book in its latest issue, and outlined here are details of Miskovic’s relationship with Milka Forcan, once one of the most powerful women in Serbian business.

“There were bad apples in my midst. In Zupa, Delta… Milka Forcan, the former vice president of Delta Holding, at one point thought that she was more powerful than the company itself, that Delta couldn’t grow without her. It’s terrible when people get identities mixed up, when they start to think they are the company and lose touch with the real state of affairs. Milka, however, was under the influence of Boris Tadic, a man of little knowledge. They encouraged each other: undoubtedly eloquent, she blew her own trumpets, and he, on the basis of what he was being told, convinced her she was of fateful importance to the company. But the influence of others, in this case Tadic’s influence on Milka, is no excuse, as professionals are expected to think for themselves. Milka Forcan, unfortunately, lacked that ability, so we had to part ways.”

Source: Nedeljnik