INCREASE IN PRICE of freeway toll adopted: From Subotica to Presevo for RSD2,128


Photo: BIZLife

The Serbian Assembly has adopted an amendment to the Law on the Use of Public Goods, which will increase the price of freeway toll in Serbia by 12 percent. “Putevi Srbije” is developing a new price list that will become valid only after the Government gives green light. We have calculated how much that price increase should roughly be. A freeway toll from Subotica to Presevo for a car, taking everything in account, is RSD 1,900 and if price was to increase by exactly 12 percent it would be RSD 2,128. Current price from Belgrade to Presevo is RSD 1,340, and it price was to increase by exactly 12 percent it would be RSD 1,501. One currently needs to set aside RSD 800 for the freeway toll between Belgrade and Nis, and following price increase the amount would be RSD 896. One currently needs to pay RSD 560 for a freeway toll from Belgrade to Subotica, while price following increase would be RSD 627. The price for a route between Belgrade and Sid is RSD 370, while price would be RSD 415 following price increase. The current freeway toll on the highway Ljig-Preljina is RSD 140, and new price would be RSD 157. The law shall enter into force on the eighth day of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia.

Source: RTS, Beta

Photo: BIZLife

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