Indians Deny IMT Will Employ 800 People


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Kamal Ahuja, deputy director of the European branch of TAFE, denied that the company promised 800 new jobs in the letter of intent to purchase the Machinery and Tractors Industry (IMT), as previously claimed by Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimovic.

“I certainly did not say that. But I do not want to speak on Mr. Nedimovic’s behalf. Look, for comparison’s sake, in our state-of-the-art factory in India, we produce 60,000 tractors with far fewer people than 800,” Ahuja said in an interview with the Insajder portal, adding that, regarding jobs, it was important to take into account both direct employees and those employed indirectly through subcontractors.

“We’ll employ more people every year, but we’ll be using the most modern methods, drastically different from the production and assembly methods from 20 years ago when it took a lot more people,” Ahuja said.

In an interview with Insajder, he announced a new tractor model, TAFE-42, based on the IMT-539 model.

“Take the IMT-539 for an example. It’s a simple tractor, without electronics, but farmers love it, because of its reliability, its engine, however, is extremely outdated. For the first time, we will unveil the IMT-539 with the EURO 3 engine at the fair,” Ahuja said.

Source: Insajder/Beta

Photo: Promo