Insajder: Jat Airways Never Took Part in Etihad Negotiations


Photo: JAT

Oficially, it was the Jat Airways that negotiated with Etihad, but in actuality, Jat never took part in the negotiations at all, the Insajder website claims.

„We did not have the details of those negotiations until the end of July, when the signing was imminent,“ Velibor Slavuj, Jat’s Executive Director of Traffic at the time of signing of the partnership agreement with Etihad aid for the Insajder.

According to Insajder, Jat’s management got the draft of the Strategic Partnership Agreement with Etihad only seven days ahead of the signing ceremony.

Jat’s legal team was supposed to analyse hundreds of pages of documentation in that time.

Velibor Vukasinovic, Acting Director-General at the time, said that the Jat legal team worked day and night attempting to improve the draft. Asked whether he was satisfied with the contract, Vukasinovic said that Jat did everything that it could.

“I’m not completely satisfied, but the decision to enter into a strategic partnership was not mine, but the government’s. We did the best we could, considering the situation,” he said.

Source: Insajder

Photo: JAT