Mali: Not a single investor HAS GIVEN UP on Serbia


Photo: Pixabay

Serbia faced global crisis prepared, with low public debt, high foreign exchange reserves and a budget surplus, the Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali said. He estimated that this gave the Serbian government an opportunity for the economic support package of 5.1 billion euros, which is 11 percent of GDP, and which is rare for any country in the world. During his conversation with the Ambassador of France in Belgrade, Jean-Louis Falconi about the economic situation in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic and French investments in Serbia, Mali pointed out that the economic situation in Serbia is stable. According to the statement, Mali assessed that Serbia “opened the economy at the right time”, and not a single foreign investor gave up on investments in Serbia. Ambassador Falconi pointed out that French companies operating in Serbia praise the economic measures of the Serbian government and confirmed that not a single company has given up on its investment.

Source: N1, FoNet

Photo: Pixabay

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