Mali: The state sells its stake in Jubmes Banka


Photo: Beta

Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali announced today that he expected the state to sell its share in Jubmes Banka by the end of the year.

He also said that a task force was working on analysing the strategy for Srpska Banka and he recalled that a public call for a financial adviser for the sale of a stake in Komercijalna Banka had already been announced. “Among the other state-owned banks, there is also the postal savings bank Postanska Stedionica, which is completely stable, it does its part of the job and it has a stable share in the banking system,” Mali said at the presentation of the results of the global competitiveness index.

The state has a 20.2 percent stake in Jubmes Banka, and a 76.69 percent stake in Srpska Banka, while 23.31% is owned by Jugoimport SDPR, which is a state-owned company. In Komercijalna Banka, the state has a stake of 41.7 percent.

Source: Beta

Photo: Beta