Meet Sinisa Mali – a farmer


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His name is Sinisa Mali. He is 23 years old, he is not the finance minister, but he has great business plans. He has opened a farm that currently has about 40 goats, at which there is work to do, as he says, from morning to night. He produces cheese and sells milk.

“Goats are fed in the morning and in the evening, they are milked in the morning and in the evening, these are mostly standard tasks with them, and we are here on the farm all day – we are either preparing food, mowing hay, watering the outlet, pastures, and so on, there is work to do all day,” says Sinisa Mali, a farmer from Kucura, reports N1.

Sinisa Mali is a complete farmer. In addition to cattle, he also grows vegetables, and his dream is to produce his own cheese brand, which is why he is working on expanding the farm.

He is not related to his famous namesake, but since Sinisa Mali from Belgrade started to appear in news columns, wherever Sinisa Mali from Kucura shows his ID card, no one remains indifferent.

“It used to be very boring to me sometimes. Sometimes I am not in the mood, I would go somewhere, show my ID card, and people would make jokes. Sometimes I do not find it pleasant, but usually I just smile, acknowledge the joke at my expense, sometimes I quip, anything happens. Pleasant situations, mostly, but there were also cases when I posted an ad, and people said, “You are Sinisa Mali, I do not need this from you. There are people who think that I am god knows who, but there is nothing wrong with that. It is pure coincidence,” he says.

For now, he adds, he has not had any benefits because of his name. He hopes, however, that the signature on the application will help the competent authorities at least notice his project for young farmers, which would enable him to realize his dream.

Source: N1

Photo: printscreen N1