Minister’s wish: The first town without unemployment


Photo: Ministartstvo za rad

Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs Zoran Djordjevic has presented contracts for employment of 158 people in Smederevo, valued at several million dinars.

The value of 41 contracts for self-employment is 7.4 million dinars and 64 persons belonging to difficult-to-employ category received contracts on newly opened positions in total value of 9.6 million dinars.

Djordjevic has also presented 12 contracts for 53 people for public works in total value of 5.4 million dinars, the Ministry of Labour has announced.

“We have a major decrease in unemployment in Smederevo and we want other towns in Serbia to follow their system of functioning. It is also our desire for Smederevo to be among the first towns in Serbia that will not have unemployment,” Djordjevic has said.

He has invited all unemployed to engage in professional retraining in order to improve their skills, so that they would be competitive on the labour market and could perform jobs for which they would be receive higher salary.

Director of the National Employment Service Zoran Martinovic has said that percentage of unemployment reduction in Smederevo is much higher than the average in Serbia.

Mayor of Smederevo Jasna Avramovic has stated that reduction of unemployment was influenced by the fact that 5,200 citizens in Smederevo based “Zelezara” were given the opportunity to work.

Source: Beta

Photo: Ministartstvo za rad