Modernization of the Belgrade Stock Exchange


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The Belgrade Stock Exchange started the implementation of the “Go to the Stock Exchange” project. According to the announcements, the modernization of the stock market is starting tomorrow, with the aim to enable more development opportunities offered by the capital market to Serbian companies, N1 reports.

This project is financially supported by the Special Banking Fund of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which hired PwC, an audit and consulting firm, to assist the Belgrade Stock Exchange in preparing interested companies for the initial public offer, that is, going to the stock exchange.

Director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange Sinisa Krneta says that the Belgrade Stock Exchange is still facing problems, and has therefore embarked on an aggressive campaign and is defining concrete measures that would bring the capital market closer to companies, citizens and professional investors.

“There are developed stock exchanges in underdeveloped countries, but there are no developed countries without developed stock exchanges,” Krneta says.

According to him, the Warsaw Stock Exchange is a role model for the Belgrade Stock Exchange, seeing as how Poland successfully emerged from the transitional economy period, something Serbia is yet to do. Poland is also the only country in Europe was not hit by recession during the global economic crisis, but has instead experienced a continuous economic growth, with the stock exchange serving as a locomotive of the national economy.

Source: N1

Photo: Logo