Namenska’s new plant has begun trial production


Photo: MOD

A trial production has commenced in the new nitration plant at Lucani based Chemical Industy Milan Blagojevic – Namenska, which provides compounds for gunpowder and rocket propellants.

Technology in question is the world’s latest, state of the art technology in this field, called “continuous nitration of cellulose” based on the license of German company Josef Meissner.

“The Serbian government has invested EUR4.406.000 and our plant additional EUR1.575.000 in construction of this facility and its technology. Only five employees will work on such perfect and valuable equipment,” CEO of Milan Blagojevic – Namenska, Colonel Rados Milovanovic has stated with “Glas zapadne Srbije.”

He has stipulated that this year plant will invest eight million euros of its own funds into new programs.

Milan Blagojevic – Namenska recorded a profit of EUR13 million last year and EUR7 million in the first seven months of this year.

Source: Novosti, Tanjug

Photo: MOD