NBS: This year, GDP will increase by 3.5 percent, and then we ACCELERATE to four


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The National Bank of Serbia holds the estimate that this year’s GDP growth in Serbia will be 3.5 percent, and inflation in the next two years will remain low and stable, i.e. within targeted limits. At the presentation of the inflation report, Governor Jorgovanka Tabakovic has said that monetary policy will continue to be predictable and consistent in maintaining low and stable inflation in the medium term. She has said that year-on-year growth of consumer prices in April was 3.1 percent, mostly due to increase in price of vegetables and last year’s low base. In the years to come the central bank expects, as it has added, acceleration of GDP growth to four percent, on sustainable grounds, to which preserved macroeconomic stability contributes. “The economic program provides strong results, which reflects on country’s credit rating and reduction of the risk premium,” Tabakovic has said, pointing out that she hopes representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), who are visiting Serbia, will confirm this. She has stated that gross foreign investments in Serbia were EUR1.2 billion at the end of April and they were 14 percent higher when compared to the same period last year. “Serbia is a country with attractive business environment and one has no major difficulties in finding a job, and where standard of living is growing on sustainable ground. It is necessary to continue structural reforms that will support economic growth, investments, profitability and employment,” Tabakovic has said.

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Photo: BIZLife

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