NES: Number of unemployed in Serbia under 600,000 for the first time


Photo: youtube

Director of the National Employment Service Zoran Martinovic has stated that, based on records of that administration, there are currently 594,100 unemployed people in Serbia, and this number keeps decreasing.

“Number of unemployed has dropped below 600,000 for the first time since we keep these types of records,” Martinovic has stated with “Radio-televizija Srbije.”

He has said that bachelors in electronic, electric engineering, information technologies, medical specialists, professors of mathematics, physics, foreign languages, pharmacologists and biochemists can quickly find jobs.

He has added that employers look concrete techniques and skills, and there is high demand for cooks, welders, people who graduated from schools for geriatric nursing.

“As for skills, knowledge of a foreign language is a must have. Usually those languages are English and German. Skills in information technology and certain licenses and exams are mandatory,” Martinovic has said.

Pointing out that seasonal jobs are currently popular, he has said that there is high demand in field of agriculture, civil engineering, hospitality, tourism and trade.

“Constant development of personal skills is necessary,” director of NES has stated, inviting unemployed to sign up for prequalification trainings.

As a reminder, based on a Poll on labour force, person who conducted a paid work for at least an hour during seven days is considered employed.

Source: Beta

Photo: youtube