Nis: Recycling of Old Fridges Can Be a Lucrative Business


Photo: Pixabay

Over the past five years, for as long as it has dealt in recycling old refrigerators and other electric and electronic appliances, the Nis-based company “E-reciklaza” (E-recycling) has exported nearly 100 tons of waste Freon for incineration in a specialized plant in Germany, the owner of that company and director of the Jugo-Impex company Vujadin Scekic said.

“By extracting and the proper treatment of Freon, we made an impact as if no cars were run in Nis for the past three years,” Scekic.

By discharging of Freon from a single refrigerator, and in these devices there is between 140 and 200 grams of it, the ozone layer suffers the damage equal to that made by a car in a year, he says.

Scekic says that old electronic and electrical appliances are brought to be recycled in Nis from across the country, and that E-Reciklaza is still the only in the Balkans that has a specialized line for the removal of Freon from refrigerators and other devices.

According to Scekic, E-Reciklaza annually recycles between 12,000 and 14,000 tons of electronic and electrical waste.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay