Nis wrote off debts of privately-owned companies


Photo: Pixabay

Multi-million debts that Nis-based TV station Niska televizija, which was once owned by the city, incurred for leasing commercial property, as well as those made by the former joint stock footwear producer Industrija obuce Beograd no longer exist – even though these companies are privately-owned – because the City Council made such a decision.

The amount of nearly RSD 27 million was written off to Niska televizija, while Industrija obuce will not have to settle the debt exceeding RSD 5 million. The interest and all the other “secondary tax duties” of these companies were written off, and the City of Nis agreed to write off other possible debts incurred by the end of the year when the companies were privatized.

As it is stated in the explanation, debts of these companies were written off because they were privatised. At the end of 2015, Niska televizija was acquired by the consortium comprised of Narodne novine and Director of the TV station Zona plus, Sladjana Ostojic, for EUR 78,000.


Source: Južne vesti

Photo: Pixabay