No one prevents a woman from being successful


Photo: Mozzart

For nearly a decade, she has been taking care of over 10,000 employees in the Mozzart company. She is at the helm of the company that is a leader in the field of the games of chance in Southeast Europe. She sees working in the industry of the games of chance as another challenge. Koviljka Loncar is considered one of the most powerful women in Serbia, but she never thinks about herself as a woman with power.

Recently, a list of the most powerful women in Serbia has been published, on which you are ranked high – 16th. What does that mean for you? Do you perceive yourself as powerful and in what sense?

It is a great honour for me to be ranked so high, especially having in mind who else is on that list. Recognition always serves as an additional motive to keep going, to raise the bar of your own expectations. I have never thought of myself as a powerful woman nor do I try to present myself as successful; I rather try to do my job extremely responsibly and professionally. My personal success comes from the results of the Mozzart company, which I have been heading for nine years and which is the leader in the field of the games of chance in Southeast Europe. Of course, these results would not be achieved without team work with my associates, as well as the commitment of all the employees.

An average citizen of Serbia would never have guessed that a business that is exclusively oriented towards men is led by a woman. A similar global company is also led by a woman (Denise Coates, Bet 365). How did you happen to get involved in this business?

I have tried to do well everything that I have done so far. I love challenges, because, in fact, we are tested through them. I have viewed working in the industry of the games of chance as another challenge.

People in Serbia do not expect to see a woman on a high and responsible position. However, the fact is that in our country there are more and more women who are extremely successful in various jobs, thanks to which prejudices are slowly destroyed. I believe that, if you determine a clear goal, you believe in your capabilities and you learn and professionally develop with sincere curiosity, any position is achievable, regardless of the industry and market. For me, the position of the CEO of Mozart is a job that inspires me and a challenge that motivates me to go forward.

How do you feel as a successful woman in Serbia? Is this an even greater responsibility for you, a burden or something else?

No one prevents a woman from being successful, but no one helps her achieve success either. However, everything is changing slowly for the better and it is becoming less important whether the idea is “man’s” or “woman’s”, it only matters if it is good.

In order for a woman to be successful in what she does, it is important for her to have the support of her family, as well as the management of the company in which she works, and I had both.

Source: BIZLife magazin

Photo: Mozzart