Novi Sad: Agricultural land became building land, tax is 100 times higher


Photo: Pexels

The association “Futoski kupus” says that nearly 800 farmers from the area in the vicinity of Novi Sad received tax decisions increased more than a hundred times compared to the previous years. The reason – pursuant to a city decision, family-owned agricultural fields that have been farmed for years were converted into building land, on which tax is paid in the amount exceeding RSD 150,000 per hectare, reports N1.

“We cannot produce enough products to cover the tax. I think that the basis for this calculation is not adopted well, and that is why we are complaining, because it is unacceptable for us. We cannot make any profit, none whatsoever,” says Zivan Kolarov, a farmer from Futog.

Farmers say that if the land was truly building land, there would be infrastructure built. Under the current circumstances, they cannot even sell it, and if they do not pay the tax, they will not be able to apply for subsidies or renew their health insurance card validity. However, no one from the city administration commented on tax decisions for farmers, reports N1.

Source: N1

Photo: Pexels