Owners of agencies easily go broke, yet opening new one is even easier


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Owner of a travel agency “S.A.B. travel” has another agency “SAB travel end service” with a license valid until 2021 and an insurance policy, and he is currently founding yet another agency based in Novi Sad, the Novosti daily unofficially report.

“Backup” agency was registered in the Serbian Business Registers Agency in February, and recently, on behalf of an associate, he invited ex-employees to return to work in an agency that is being founded. Owner of the agency “B2R”, that recently took high school students to Spain, conned 57 tourists of the ruined agency “Best 89” two years ago.

These are not the first such cases of “outwitting” state, since that “recipe” was first applied by the former owner of “Triniti” agency, who left 174 tourists in Hurghada back in 2012. He started working under an alias the very next summer, via “Uniko” agency, and conned tourists did not even started their trip to the Red Sea, nor did they get their money back.

YUTA immediately excluded this agency from its membership, as soon as we realized the connection with the boss of “Trinity”, Director of YUTA Aleksandar Senicic stated with the Novosti daily. It was because of these owners that a “Yuta guarantee” was established in the first place. Of the 18 agencies that were ruined in the last couple of years only three were our members and their tourists were secured and their money was refunded.

Thus for example, tourists of “Flaj Flaj” agency, which was a subagent and did not have a “Yuta guarantee”, had to pay for their holiday once again and buy plane tickets.

Many owners have stayed in the country and re-opened agencies. For example, owners of “Konte”, “Sumadija travel”, “Jet Set” and many others re-launched their business under someone else’s names, and went broke up to three times. Some of them even asked for subsidies from state, in order to bring foreign tourists, but so far they have not received them.

Source: Novosti

Photo: Pixabay