“Parking servis” losing 2.000 spots, half to go Tesla’s concessionaire


Photo: Pixabay

“Parking servis”, one of city’s most profitable enterprises has lost 2.000 parking spots, out of which more than a half it has already ceded to concessionaire of Belgrade Airport, N1 reports.

When French concessionaire obtained management over Belgrade Airport for the next 25 years, it turns out that there is also a “gift package” along with airport. State gave away 28 parcels around the airport worth RSD180 million, while city provided parking and a garage containing 1,106 spots which, up until now, have been managed by public enterprise “Parking servis.”

“Between us, it was only logical to assign that to the airport, as it is on airport’s grounds, but due to circumstances at the time when airport was built, back in the ‘90s, it probably did not have money, and “Parking servis” invested in that, thus it is completely natural for airport to have its car park,” city manager Goran Vesic says.

French Vinci is not the only one to profit from loss of “Parking servis.” The list of those that will cause this public enterprise to lose parking spots also includes Belgrade Waterfront, because of which two car parks with a total of 142 places will be allocated, while car park situated on Slavija now has 76 parking spots instead of 164, due to construction of the new roundabout around the fountain.

It will lose those 76 spots as well – as soon as this location is sold and construction commences on it, city manager has confirmed as well.

According to “Parking servis” they will compensate lost spots by drawing new ones.

Source: N1

Photo: Pixabay