“Parking servis” to introduce application and payment per minute


Photo: Pixabay

In the following period “Parking servis” will introduce three novelties – an application that will be launched on October 15th, a parking pass card and a prepaid card.

This is announced by the Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic at the meeting of “Udruzenje parkiralista Srbije” and novelites, as he has stated, should enable provide better service of that public enterprise and higher comfort for users of Belgrade’s garages and parking lots.

The application is intended for all smart phones, and it will enable payment of parking space as well as run a check on number of free spaces in garages all over Belgrade.

Payment per minute will also be enabled, something that has not been the case so far. The process will be very simple and option to purchase a daily ticket will be available as well.

The parking pass card will be launched on December 5th and one will be able to choose a 24- hour parking pass card or cards that will last for three or seven days. With the same card one can enter and leave all garages and all Belgrade parking lots unlimited number of times.

Source: RTS

Photo: Pixabay