Presidential hope that Etihad will stay


Photo: Beta

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic advised today that he hopes that Arab airline Etihad will not depart from Air Serbia.

“I would love for Etihad not to leave Air Serbia and I hope it will not,” Vucic told reporters in Belgrade, adding that Air Serbia, if Etihad decides to leave, will survive and will be stronger than Jat.

Stating that it is unthinkable to compare Jat from recent years, Vucic said that Air Serbia is an incomparably better airline than Jat, and that it displayed by incredibly better results of Air Serbia.

“You can not earn profit on the route to New York, however, it is important for branding the country and for branded airlines,” Vucic said.

When asked about the situation of Serbian’s budget, Vucic advised that the situation is good and that it is still in the surplus.

“The first quarter was troubling. We will have a surplus by the end of the year, without taking into a consideration the 501 million Euros, which will be paid in October for the airport concession, ” Vucic told.

Source: Beta

Photo: Beta