PRODUCTION of electric “Ikarbus” busses to commence at the end of the year


Photo: FI

CEO of the Chinese company “Jinlong”, Yang Yian has announced that “Ikarbus”, whose majority owner is “Jinlong”, will commence production of electric buses by the end of the year. “Our plans are to initially attract investments that would bring “Ikarbus” back to life, and after that we plan to hire 200 workers and commence production,” Yang has explained in his statement to “Tanjug”. He has said that his company has received a new order, and based on that order it will launch production of vehicles that are needed in Lanzhou. “At the moment we are working on organization in “Ikarbus”, and at the end of this year we will commence production of the first electric bus. We are now working on technical preparation for the production of that bus,” he has said. Yan points out that the plan of Chinese company is to make “Ikarbus” a strong company and establish a regional centre, and only after that will they think about eventual expansion to other countries of the region and entrance to the European market.

Source: Novosti, Tanjug

Photo: FI

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