Red Star has announced a competition for reconstruction of the stadium


Photo: FK Crvena zvezda

Football Club Red Star has announced a public competition for reconstruction of the stadium “Rajko Mitic”, according to information released at club’s official website.

As published, applications for preliminary architectural-urban design for reconstruction of stadium and sports complex are being accepted by the end of September.

Red Star has significantly “improved” its infrastructure in the last year. Chairs have been replaced in the northern stand, roof has been painted, monument to Rajko Mitic has been unveiled and new entrances to membership service and “Red Star Shop” have recently been built.

According to plans, new stage should include “lowering” of western stand and construction of a new VIP section at western stand, reconstruction of the façade and removal of a running track was also mentioned, even though this most likely will not happen.

The stadium “Rajko Mitic” is country’s largest stadium, built in 1963, and has a capacity of 51,755 seats.

Source: RTS

Photo: FK Crvena zvezda