Retail merchants and major retail chains in Serbia – who gets a peace of the pie


Photo: Pixabay

Ten largest retail chains in Serbia hold 55 percent of the market, while all other retail merchants individually have less than one percent of market stake.

These are results of the survey on retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco. Analysis has been done by the Commission for Protection of Competition in cooperation with the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), also showing that retail market in Serbia is not saturated and there is still space for new investments and jobs.

Results of the survey show that, based on level of revenues, Delhaize has the biggest stake of 21 percent, followed by Mercator/IDEA, Mercator S and RODA with 16 percent, and remaining eight major retail chains individually hold less than 3.5 percent.

The biggest obstacles recognized by already present retail chains are low purchasing power parity and lack of space for opening new retail facilities, but it has been asserted at the assembly that, despite above mentioned, one can expect arrival of new players, Lidl being one of them, for which estimates show it will take between five and seven percent of market stake by opening its retail facilities.

Source: B92/ agencije

Photo: Pixabay