“Russian Uber” arrived in our country


Yandex.Taxi, Russia’s largest online taxi booking service has commenced its business in Belgrade. One can download application free of charge via App Store and Google Play. Serbia is 11th country that has hosted the Russian internet transportation giant and the first country in Central Europe. Prior to launching, application has been uploaded with detailed maps of Belgrade and Serbian language.

It is not necessary to provide an address in order to get a taxi, one can just launch an app and it will determine the location of the user and direct a car towards him or her. Algorithms of Yandex.Taxi application take into consideration distance and traffic congestion and find taxi driver who will reach client in the shortest time.

“Serbian taxi market is already established and tariff is the same for all companies. Because of that we have decided that our competitive advantages are quality of service, modern design of the app and smart technologies. Yandex.Taxi for example forwards request to the closest taxi drive, he or she does not have to wait long for a job or to reach customer at the other side of the city. Service creates an optimal route and looks a new ride for the taxi driver in part of the city in which he is to leave the client. Thus, taxi drivers spend less time waiting for a new job, which means they can earn more money,” Musheg Saakyan, Director of International Development at Yandex.Taxi says.

Source: BIZLife