Salary to be paid the very next second, even during the night


Photo: Pixabay

As of this year’s October employers in Serbia will be able to pay salaries to their employees even on weekdays, as well as during the night, and citizens will immediately have money on their accounts.

The National Bank of Serbia will release a new “instant” payment system as of October, General Manager of the Payment System Department at the National Bank of Serbia Dragana Stanic says.

Workers will receive salary in a few seconds, if employer decides and informs his bank “I wish this transaction to be completed as an instant payment,” as all banks will offer this to its clients, even employer,” Stanic has stated with Tanjug.

Up until now general practice was that, if employer decides to pay salary to its workers on Friday afternoon, money could not be on their accounts before Monday, or day after in case Monday is a public holiday.

Stanic explains that, upon employer’s request, transaction will go through payment system of the National Bank of Serbia in a couple of seconds, and bank in which citizens own an account has obligation to immediately transfer those funds to their client’s account.

Instant payment will be possible via phone as well, for all citizens who, for example, wish to use this method to pay their shopping bills.

Source: RTS, Tanjug

Photo: Pixabay