Serbia last in the region by number of NEW cars


Photo: BIZLife

In less than four years, Serbia has imported more than 500,000 used vehicles and paid at least one billion euros for them. The car fleet in our country is over 17 years old on average. In the first nine months of this year alone, 115,515 used vehicles were imported and registered, and the extent of the problem Serbia has with old cars is perhaps best illustrated by the data on new vehicles purchased in 2018. 30,731 new vehicles were sold in Serbia. In Slovenia, which has a much smaller population and five times younger car fleet – 72,835. In 2018, 60,041 new vehicles were sold in Croatia, 341,068 in Austria, 136,594 in Hungary, 261,437 in the Czech Republic, 131,919 in Romania, and 34,442 in Bulgaria. Among the countries in the region, fewer new cars than in Serbia are purchased in BiH, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Source: Novosti

Photo: BIZLife

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