Serbian buyer’s power is not even at half of the EU average


Photo: Pixabay

Actual individual consumption in Serbia was at 45 percent of EU average last year, while gross domestic product per capita was 36 percent of the average of all members of the European Union, Eurostat has announced.

According to a report by the European Statistical Service on consumption in the EU, actual individual consumption and GDP per capita in Serbia have not changed significantly since 2015 in neighboring countries and candidate countries.

Last year, actual individual consumption in Serbia was reduced from 46 percent of the EU average in 2016 and 2015. At the same time, Serbia’s GDP per capita in 2015 was at 36 percent of the EU average, 37 percent next year, and 36 percent again last year.

In member states of the EU, actual consumption per capita ranges from 54 to 132 percent of the EU average, and GDP per capita from 49 percent to 253 percent.

Among the candidate countries, Turkey has the highest actual individual consumption, with 68 percent of the EU average. In Montenegro, it is 56 percent, in Macedonia 41 percent, in Albania 39 percent, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which still does not have a candidate status, 41 percent.

Bulgaria had the smallest GDP per capita of 49 percent, then Croatia 62 percent and Romania 63 percent of the EU average. According to actual individual consumption of 77 percent, Slovenia is between Malta and Greece.

Source: N1, Beta

Photo: Pixabay