Serbian DISCREPANCY most pronounced in Europe


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In the region, Serbia is marked by the highest inequality, considering the level of income, according to the data of the European Statistical Agency Eurostat. A fifth of the richest people in the European Union have a 5.1-fold higher income than the poorest, while in Serbia this difference is 9.4 times. All the other countries in the region have greater inequality than the EU average, but in the past five years this discrepancy decreased there, while it grew in Serbia, according to Eurostat’s newsletter. Serbia is not facing problems due to the departure of medical personnel to work abroad, claims Minister of Health Zlatibor Loncar. “An analysis was done about the reasons why doctors go abroad, and the primary reason was not a salary, but working conditions and the possibility of training,” said Loncar. He said that some countries had open competitions for doctors and nurses that no one was applying for. “This is not happening in Serbia, where more people still apply for the competitions for doctors and nurses,” said Loncar. He also pointed out that programs in some countries were suspended due to the departure of doctors and nurses. “I am not happy about this, because those patients will have to go somewhere, if they could not get the service there. Some will end up in Serbia, which will burden our system,” Loncar said.

Source: Blic, N1

Photo: Pixabay

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