Serbian wines are also used to salute in China


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In Serbia, about 80,000 agricultural farms are engaged in the production of grapes. There are more and more of those who are producing wines that are not just for home use, rather, they have also become recognizable beyond the boundaries of the country. The quality of local wines is recognized even in distant China.

– We have a growing trade exchange with the People’s Republic of China, especially in the field of wine production. Our best-quality and most expensive wines, such as those whose bottles cost 50 euros, are increasingly traveling to this far country – says Dimitrije Ivanovic, secretary of the Food Industry Association of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, noting that consumers in China are the most interested in red wines from Serbia.

Over the past year, nearly 400 wine producers operated in Serbia, and the trend of growth continues. On the basis of the analysis of soil, climatic and other conditions for cultivation of grapevine and grape production in Serbia, three vineyard regions can be separated into 22 regions and 77 vineyards, which are especially suitable for this type of production.

 – Vineyard Serbia today consists of three regions that represent the geographical units: Central Serbia, the Vojvodina region and the region of Kosovo and Metohija – says Ivanovic. – These vineyard areas are precisely defined by the production of wines with a geographical origin that are distinguished by quality and are recognizable on the market. The grape production is mainly concentrated within the “Tri Morave” wine growing region, which includes the territory of the municipalities of Trstenik, Rekovac, Varvarin, Jagodina, Cuprija, Paracin, Krusevac, where about a third of the area is under vineyards.

 Thanks to the geographical position, climatic and soil factors as well as the overall conditions for cultivating grape vines in Serbia, there are wide opportunities for producing different types of wine.

 – Serbia has 22,150 hectares of grapevine, and during the previous year about 150,000 tons of grapes have been produced, advised Dimitrije Ivanovic.

 – In comparison to the last five-year period, the production of grapes was lower in 2017, however, it was distinguished by high quality, so we expect the wines of 2017 to be of high quality.

Source: Večernje novosti

Photo: Pixabay