Seven companies under investigation due to malfeasances with public procurements


Photo: Pixabay

The Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia has announced today that it has launched proceedings against seven companies, suspected of violating the competition via bid rigging in public procurements of the equipment for administration.

Proceedings have been launched against Belgrade based companies “Original”, “Birolinija”, “Biro Print Sistemi” and “Dikti Line”, Nis based companies “Mikops” and “Birodeveloping” and Jagodina based company “Birotehnika.”

The Commission for Protection of Competition has announced that his has conducted an unannounced inspection at five locations, in order to gather important documentation for further actions in this case.

It has been pointed out that use of unannounced inspection is an extremely efficient instrument for uncovering malfeasances by market participants, which cause significant limitation, violation or prevention of competition.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay